Precious tear

Precious tears need precious handling; not all tears should be thrown away with a Kleenex tissue. 
A collection of jewellery to catch and cherish tears.

Five different pieces and approaches form the basis of this collection. 
The use of glass and bamboo yarn is important. Glass for the openness and fragility. Bamboo yarn because it is very soft and it can absorb three times more tears than average cotton. Bamboo yarn is also antiallergenic and antibacterial and therefore suited for the most sensitive criers or mourners.

The focus of the handkerchief lies on softness and practical use. The necklace places the focus on the caressing gesture when wiping tears away and on the ability to wipe away the tear from someone else’s cheek. The traces, the marks of fallen tears are exposed by the ring of glass. The glove is based on the Dutch expression ‘een traantje wegpinken,’ which means ‘to brush away a tear’. It is an open glove with a thickened part on the tip of the index finger. Finally, the second ring has its focus on a more private gesture. This ring faces the hand palm and is invisible to others, so you can play with it and subtly wipe away a tear.

The catching and capturing features of the jewellery are not pressed forward, but slightly hidden, sometimes humorous referring.
The features are integrated in the jewellery, such as tears, of joy and of sorrow, are integrated in life.
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