Mark the last veil

Willy-nilly inspired by the funeral of my boyfriend, I have created an alternative for a coffin in which the act of closing is softened. The regular way of closing a coffin, abruptly cutting the body out of sight, is too harsh and opposes the vulnerable feeling of mourning.

Something that exhibits a higher degree of care is needed.

Different translucent layers of fabric are hanging like veils over the right side. One by one the layers are turned over like pages of a book and are tucked in between the groove in the wood. Layer by layer the appearance of the body fades out of sight.
It’s a process of tucking in the body with care and consciousness.
The beautiful grains and the fact that in former days this wood was a very traditional choice for coffins contributed to the choice of elm wood.

The whole ritual is focussed on care and it provides a more gradual moment of parting.

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