Manifest of dining

Feel good, feel food

People are always longing to touch. Materials, surfaces, structures, everything.
To enlarge the experience of an object. It makes the body the body more aware of it’s surrounding.

To touch is to communicate with your body.
The tool your body has to experience touch is called the tactile sense.
The lips, tongue and fingertips are the most recepteble to touch.
Most of the touch receptors are found here. A fingertip has 100 touch receptors in a square cm, the back of the hand has 14.

Hands are the tools given to man.
Somewhere down the road we decide to invent cutlery. Why?

It is not natural to use cold metal instruments  to transfer warm, succulent foods to your mouth.
Is it not more logical to use your hands, after all they are body temperature.
Eating with your hands stimulates the experience of food.

It makes you aware of the act of eating.
It raises awareness of the amount of food you eat, balancing it before it dissappeares into your mouth.

The sensation of eating becomes stimulated by the connection between the hand and the food.
Use your senses, eat with your hands.

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