Liturgical movables

roosgeeftvorm was requested to create liturgical movables for a church community in Voorburg, the Netherlands.
roosgeeftvorm created furniture with different line-up possibilities that fit the flexible and open character of the community. A ballet with different approaches. Open, playful, spatial and modest.

Three different tables together represent a trinity, in which each table has it’s own objective: a table for a bible, a table for a vase and a table for a pulpit.
The tables can be used for different purposes. The rolling legs increase ease of use and the possibility for transformations in the church.

By using glass as a material, the stained glass windows in the back are not cut out of sight and therefore involved in an interplay of reflected and mirrored light.

The vase is an oganic outburst in contrast with the geometric shape of the tables.
A synergetic flow into the open and the above.
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