Exhibition 'De dood & hoe het ook kan'

We seem to live in an era where even death seems to take place on the internet. Facebook offers a function which makes it possible to send messages after you passed away and online graveyards as i-Tomb and i-Memorial are just a few examples of a shift in the way we humans deal with death.
Particularly in times like these the need for tangible products is growing; products that touch, give comfort and are meaningful.

The exhibition 'De dood & hoe het ook kan' (Death & how it can be done as well) curated by roosgeeftvorm shows work of artists and designers that want to show how it can be done as well.

The exhibition took place the 24th of February until the 10th of March 2012 in the centre of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Pure and meaningful products in the funeral industry.


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