Biodegradable museum

Vision for museum of the future
During a minor at Design Academy Eindhoven groups were asked to give a vision for what would be the museum of the future. For me as a designer it was inspiring and enriching to take a stand in this matter.

People have become increasingly aware of the fact that there has to come an end to overproducing and over-consumption. The museum of the future should relate to this and therefore should be biodegradable. By degrading materials, immaterial values are affected as well. Processes, stories and interactions will be rated more highly than the value of the original. Temporality, movement and changes are important keywords. The building is made out of pressed archive papers, which will decay on one side and will be build on the other.

Quotes that inspired me on this matter:
‘A performance is art which evaporates, it is purely about one single moment. I believe that is the ultimate possession: a beautiful memory.’  A collector
‘Our own knowledge of art is much vaster than that of our museums; (…) It is there where so many masterpieces have been collected, but where also so many other pieces are missing, that our mind conjures up its own images before its eye.’ André Malraux
‘A museum can only obtain its true meaning by relating to reality’ Riemer Knoop
‘Many museums see themselves as some sort of supernatural beings. While, historically seen, they have only been around for a short time and it is not unlikely that they will disappear again. Furthermore, there will come an end as to what museums can preserve. Most of them have already become too small and the time will come that the collection will simply be bursting at its seams.’
Jorinde  Seydel
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